How To Connect Android Phone To TV Wirelessly

Connect Android Phone To TVAndroid phones have brought ease to many users. People prefer Android smartphones because they know their data is saved with Google. But when it comes to live-streaming or just watching movies, they all want a bigger screen. So what’s device has a bigger screen than a TV? Because of these devices, you can enjoy Full-HD & 4K video without any hassle.

My goal here is to help you Connect Android Phone To TV. I have drafted a fully working guide for this cause. To be honest, there are three basic ways to complete our task here. I will try to make things as simple as possible for you, just keep following my lead. And I will help you on How To Connect Android Phone To TV Wirelessly.

Connecting Android Phone To TV

There are three possible ways to Connect Android Phone To TV. I will show you all of them, you are allowed to perform & check all of them. After performing all the tasks, see what solution works best for you. Decide the one that you think is best and suitable for you. Follow the guide below to know about the solutions:

Way#1: Cast Android Phone To TV Wirelessly

  1. Connect your Android Phone & Tv with the same WiFi.
  2. Turn on the Smart View facility on your TV.
  3. To enable it, Swipe down your notifications bar and tap once on the smart view icon (in some smartphones, this option is only available in phone setting).
  4. Now of casting is enabled on both devices, you will be able to Mirror/Connect Android Phone To TV Wirelessly.

Way#2: Use Screen Mirroring App

  • Download Screen Mirroring App on Android.
  • After installation of the app, launch it.
  • Now connect your smartphone & Tv with the same network.
  • Enable Smart View on your TV and mobile phone.
  • That’s it, the Android screen will start to mirror on TV.

Way#3: Anycast HDMI Dongle

  1. Connect your one side of USB with an external power adapter and the other side with Anycast dongle.
  2. When it is connected properly, your TV will detect the Anycast dongle and provide a waiting icon on its screen.
  3. Turn on the Smart View on Android via the notification bar.
  4. Search for TV on Android phone which is connected with Anycast.
  5. After you select a TV, your devices will ask you to confirm the mirroring action.
  6. Confirm it and your Android phone will be connected to a TV.

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