How To Check Indian Passport is ECR or ECNR Online in 2019

Our topic for today is How To Check Indian Passport is ECR or ECNR Online in 2019. It’s because we have found that many Indian people are finding difficulty in getting a working or employee visa to UAE countries. It’s obvious that such countries have a higher currency rate than India, People are preferring to work in them. So if you are one of such people, this article is drafted for you.

ECR or ENCR? What’s the Difference?

First of all, allow us to compare between ECR & ECNR India passports. Afterward, we will take you on the guide of checking passport is ECR or ECNR.

ECR Passports: ECR stands for Emigration Check Required passport only available for Indian nationals. This category passports are the ones which are made before 2007. It’s a fact that such documents are subscribed for people willing to travel to famous countries like Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, etc. Though, in this genre, the immigration officers check all your recorders and you have to go to them for clearance before checking out from Indian territory.

Check Indian Passport is ECR or ECNR

ECNR Passports: ECNR stands for Emigration Check Not Required passports. As the name describes itself, this genre passport is the one which let Indian nationals travel without having any concern with the Immigration office. Such people can decide to go anytime they want without any inquiry. Also, such passports are developed after 2007.

Checking ECR & ECNR

Now its time we take you on the guide of checking whether if your Indian Passport is ECR or ECNR:

  1. Open your Indian Passport.
  2.  At the front page, see if there is a stamp from the immigration office.
  3. If there is a stamp, there your passport is ECNR type.
  4. Rather, if you can’t find the immigration stamp, then your passport category is ECR.

That’s all on the guide of How To Check Indian Passport is ECR or ECNR Online in 2019. Feel free to ask for suggestion from the comments box available below. Thanks.

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