How To Change Registered Mobile Number on IRCTC

IRCTC is the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. This industry is hired by the official Indian Railway Ministry. However, their services include online ticket booking, Catering & tourism related to the Railways. So what are the reasons the government decided to use the services of a third-party industry? Well, India is a highly crowded place and people use Railways to travel from one place to another.

As bieng a highly developed country, people use IRCTC to book tickets online. But you can only register for such services through a mobile number. So what if you lost your mobile and still want to use such beneficial services? Wouldn’t you want a solution to update Register Mobile Number on IRCTC? If you happen to be in such a situation, our guide is drafted for you.

Change Registered Mobile Number on IRCTC

Changing Registered Mobile Number on IRCTC

Like we have discussed before, mobile number is compulsory for claiming IRCTC services. A user has to enter his/her number every time he is booking a Railways ticket. So if you don’t have the same mobile number where you can receive a notification code, allow us to help you. Because the following steps are drafted to help you Change Registered Mobile Number on IRCTC.

  • Visit the IRCTC official website/portal. (Link)
  • Sign in using your user name & passcode.
  • After a successful sign-in, go to Update Profile.
  • Here you will discover the registered mobile number tab, just replace it with your new number.
  • When done, click once on the submit button and wait to receive the verification code on the mobile number.
  • Once you have the code, submit it inside the IRCTC website and press enter.
  • Now you will receive an update message on your mobile number saying Your Mobile Number Has Been Verified.

That’s all, now you have completed the process of Changing Registered Mobile Number on IRCTC. Feel free to ask for suggestions if you get stuck in performing any of the above-provided tasks. Please do share our articles on social media to help others. And keep visiting igeeksguides for further guides. Thanks.

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