How To Change Profile Picture on Messenger (Android & iOS)

Facebook Messenger app is one of the most used communication platforms. Users prefer to use the Messenger app because they know it’s the best product that helps them connect to others without any hassle. It has a simple interface, so users are allowed to perform their desired tasks just with multiple taps.

Lately, the developers of Facebook decided to increase the fun part through the Messenger app. Yes, now you are allowed to change your profile picture on Messenger. You can say no to using the same old Facebook profile picture as in Messenger. But for that, you are required to perform a simple method which is provided below.

Change Profile Picture on Messenger

Changing/Updating Profile Picture on Messenger

Here, we are going to talk about changing/updating Profile Picture on Messenger while using Android or iPhone. Because there are plenty of users who own a smartphone but don’t know how to get this job done. For such users, we have drafted a convenient guide. Please do follow all the steps to become successful.

There are two different ways of changing the Profile Picture on Messenger. One option is if your account is linked with Facebook and the other is if you are using a different account on Messenger. If your account is linked with Facebook, then you can just go into the app’s setting and change your profile photo from there.

In case, your account is not linked with the official Facebook app, then it is also possible to complete the task. You just need to open the messenger app and tap once on the Profile icon. Here, you will see a pen icon presented as a way to edit your profile, you need to tap on this icon. Now select Edit Profile Photo and upload/select a photo. Afterward, the selected media file as image or GiF will be set as your Messenger Profile Picture.

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