How to Change Performance Mode In Color OS

Almost all the smartphone companies are giving the performance mode so that the users cannot face any hang-up issues while using their devices. Most of the users use the performance mode while playing games. Because nowadays developers are creating the games in high resolution and users need high specs devices to play these games without any hanging issues.

In the Color OS, there is a dedicated app given which is called the Game Space app. The Color operating system is available in the Oppo and Realme devices. With the help of the Game Space app, you can control many features on your devices. This app helps users to enhance the performance of the device while playing the high intense games that have high FPS.Change Performance Mode In Color OS

In our recommendation, you can use change the performance mode if you face any issues. Otherwise don’t change it because in this Game Space app everything is set to balance by default. So if you are facing any hanging problem while playing games then you can change the performance mode to boost the performance of your device. It uses more power than then regular so that you will face some decrease in battery timings. Also, if you want to increase the battery timing of your device, users can use the low power mode from there as well.

So below we will show the steps by which users can boost the performance mode so that they get a smooth experience while playing high-intensity games.

Settings To Change Performance Mode In Game Space App

We are going to show the simple steps by which you can successfully change the performance mode in your Realme and Oppo devices.

  • First of all, open the Game Space app on your device.
  • Then you will see the Performance Mode option at the bottom left corner. Click on it.Change Performance Mode In Color OS
  • Now you will see three options
    • Competitive Mode
    • Balance Mode
    • Low Power ModeChange Performance Mode In Color OS
  • Then select the Competitive Mode, if you want to boost the performance or choose the Low Power Mode if you want to increase the battery timing of your devices.Change Performance Mode In Color OS


We have provided the simple steps that will guide you to Change Performance Mode In Color OS. If you have a question or want to give suggestions then feel free to contact us in the comment section below.

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