How To Change/Reset JioFi Password

Seems like Jio Alliance has started to conquer the most territory in India. For now, millions of mobile & landline owners prefer using their services, because they know it’s the best service in their local area. However, this is an era of smartphones & the internet. So this company decided to deliver JioFi routers in the market.

It’s like a pocket router which you are allowed to take with you anywhere you want. Mostly, it is preferred by mobile & laptop owners, people who always like to stay connected with the internet. But sometimes, users forget about what was the passcode of their JioFi devices. For such users, we have drafted a full guide of How To Change/Reset JioFi Password. Stay tuned and we will take you towards the solution to this problem.

About JioFi

JioFi is a small router/hotspot device officially produced by Jio Inc. The purpose of this device is to help users stay online from anywhere in India. Because of its fast bandwidth speed, users always love to use it. Though, there are two basic ways to connect with this hotspot device. The first one is by connecting via the WPS button. For such type of connection, you just need to press the WPS button that’s placed at the JioFi device. After pressing this button, just select your router device from the smartphone and you are good to go.

Change JioFi Password

But another way is by entering the right SSID & password. For that, you need to consider remembering the password. From the start, the set passcode & login is printed inside the JioFi device right beneath the battery. But now if you want to change it, you need to follow the steps presented below.

Changing JioFi Password

  1. First of all, connect your device with JioFi router/hotspot via data cable/WiFi.
  2. Now open a web browser on the connected device.
  3. Type http://jiofi.local.html or http://192.168..1.1/ in the URL bar and press enter.
  4. Enter your account details to log in.
  5. When you have signed-in, navigate to settings.
  6. Here you will discover the JioFi password change/reset options.
  7. Change SSID or password, do as you wish.
  8. When done, simply click on the save button.
  9. If your JioFi router restarts, you have become successful in performing this task.

That’s all, your JioFi Password is Changed. Keep visiting iGeeksGuides for further guides. Thanks.

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