How to Change FaceBook Language

Facebook is the third most accessed website in the world. Probably every 4 from 10 persons are active on Facebook. And, whyn’t it should be overall Facebook covers each and every country where internet facility is present. The FB operators know that their users are from every corner of the world. Users belong to different languages, so they have kept more than 100 most used languages at their giant social hub.

A language is so much important that it fails communication or make it successfully. Understanding own language is the easiest thing even for an illiterate person. FaceBook makes the web version and app easy for you by giving different languages. The problem is that many people are not aware of Facebook Language options. So, for such users we have prepared this tutorial. Through the guide given below any FB, users can select the desired language on Facebook.

How to Change Language on Facebook:

Step 1) Click on the down arrow icon on the top right side of Facebook. The option is present at the top bar with a question mark icon.

Step 2) Click on the Settings option present among the others. Facebook’s main settings page will appear infront of you within a few seconds depending on your internet connection.

Step 3) On the left side, in second segment you will see the option of Language and Region. Click on the option and let the page load completely. Once page opened you will see the Facebook Language option at the top. On the right side at the option click on the Edit option.

How to Change Language on Facebook

Step 4) Now facebook language changer will open click on the arrow icon to reveal the language menu. Select any Language in which you want to use Facebook.

How to Change Language on Facebook

Step 5) Once you selected the language, click on save changes. It is compulsory to click on save changes. Otherwise, Facebook will remain in the default language.

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