How To Change Clock to 12 Hour in Windows 10

Ever consider, why Windows 10 is one of the most favored operating systems? In my opinion, it’s mainly because of its easy-to-handle facilities. You just name a task and find a solution to it without any hassle. Same implies for Changing between 24-Hour and 12-Hour Clock on Windows 10. Most of the users think of it as a very complicated goal to achieve. But such users are unaware of the fact that the righteous path of achieving goals is always easy. So here, I present to you a guide of How To Change Clock to 12 Hour in Windows 10. Let’s begin with the baby steps.

How Do I Change Clock to 12 Hour in Windows 10?

There are two different time zones in every clock system. But the default time is set to 24-Hour that you can change anytime you want to. Yes, there’s no restriction is changing the clock format and you can do it without updating Windows 10 or making any serious customizations. Though, you should acknowledge how to do it.

  • Right-click on the clock menu from the taskbar. Select the “Adjust date/time” option.

Change Clock to 12 Hour in Windows 10

  • Now from the right-side panel, click on “Date, time, & regional formating”

Change Clock to 12 Hour in Windows 10

  • Here, the last tab placed is named “Regional format data”
  • You’ll see all the time & date details. Just ignore them for now and click on “Change data formats”

Change Clock to 12 Hour in Windows 10

  • Expand the “Short time” menu and choose “9:40 AM” from it.

Change Clock to 12 Hour in Windows 10

  • Click on the cross button to close the window.
  • Now your clock format will be changed to 12-Hour format.
  • In case if it is not changed instantly, just restart your Windows 10 PC.

That’s all, keep visiting igeeksguides for more. If you face any trouble while implying the above-provided steps, feel free to ask for help via the comments section. I’ll reply to your problem and will try to solve your issue as soon as possible. Thank you.

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