How to Cancel Demand Draft at SBI

We are living in an era of technology. It’s a developed world where everyone wants to reduce the human effort and time. Likewise, the time is money and no one likes to waste it on paying money by hand. That’s why tons of online payment & transaction methods are introduced for the ease of people who have a busy routine.

India is a country that doesn’t like to stay one step behind from the developed world. So they have provided Demand Draft facility for Indian personas. Yes, the SBI (State Bank of India) issue such payment drafts to help people save a huge amount of time. But sometimes, some people want to cancel such payment drafts, but can’t find a method to do. That’s what I’m here for, to help you with How To Cancel Demand Draft at SBI. Stay tuned and kindly remember the steps I’ve drafted in the guide below.

Cancel Demand Draft at SBI

Canceling Demand Draft at SBI

It is that simple to Cancel Demand Draft at SBI. Because there is no possible way of canceling such payment drafts online. You can visit the SBI website, but you cannot perform the task of demand canceling. So if you want to cancel DD at State Bank of India, you have to visit its branch that suits you. Request for the cancelation and pay the price.

There are two possible cases for canceling a DD at SBI:

  1. If money is offered from an account as a DD.
  2. If the cash is paid for Demand Draft.

What is the Valid Date for DD at SBI?

Always keep in mind that the sanctioned DD is valid only for 3 to 6 months. But in case the purchaser demands for an extension, he can have for about 1 year. But that’s it, you can’t have more time for DD at SBI. However, you can get a fresh DD by visiting the same SBI branch and request a renewal.

Demand Draft at SBI Charges

  • Demand Draft Cancellation/ Revalidation: ₹ 200/- +GST
  • Demand Draft Duplicate: ₹ 200/- +GST

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