Bring Off-Screen Window Back To Screen on Windows 10

Sometimes using Windows 10 can be awesome enough that you never wish to leave its sight. But when it starts to respond laggy, you want to just get rid of the problem and find the solution as soon as possible. Lately, I had a problem where my program’s window started to go Off-screen and I was unable to control/move it via mouse or keyboard.

To be honest, I found it really annoying for the time. But then, I had to imply some tricks to get rid of this frustrating issue. Well, some of them got me what I wanted at the moment. So that’s what I’m here to share with you. I’ll share a guide of How To Bring Off-Screen Window Back To Screen on Windows 10. Let’s just start with a simple & easy trick.

Bringing Off-Screen Window Back To Screen on Windows 10

1) Customize Resolution Settings

  • Open the program that’s going off the screen.
  • Now right-click in the blank space, outside of that window.
  • Select Display Settings from the popup menu.
  • Now go to Advanced Settings and make some temporary changes in the Resolution Settings.
  • After making such customizations, click on Apply.
  • See if the problem is solved or not.
  • Either way, change your Resolution settings back to the way they were.

2) Show Desktop

  1. Imply one of the following steps to show desktop
    • Click once at the right-sided corner of your Windows 10 taskbar.
    • Right-click on your taskbar and select Show Desktop.
    • Press the Windows + D button.
  2. Now reopen and check the problematic program.

3) Move Program

  • Click once on the program that’s causing trouble.
  • Now use Windows key + arrow keys to move around the selected program.
  • Else, you can also right-click on the program while pressing the shift key. Now select Move or Restore option.

4) Use Cascade Windows Option

Still, nothing’s working for you? Then you can imply another neat trick. Just right-click on your taskbar & select Cascade Windows.

Bring Off-Screen Window Back To Screen on Windows 10

5) Maximize Window

It’s an alternative to the Cascade Windows option. But this time, you can have to right-click on the program’s icon and select Maximize option. After implying this trick, see if the problem is solved.

Precautions To Be Made for future

Now that you have solved the issue of Bring Off-Screen Window Back To Screen on Windows 10. It’s time you take some precautionary steps to never face this problem again. For that, Right-click on a program’s icon and navigate into its properties. Inside the Shortcut tab, set the Run menu to Maximized and close the window after saving changes.

Bring Off-Screen Window Back To Screen on Windows 10

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