Online & Offline: Apply For International Driving License In India

Traffic laws are strict in all countries. Either you are a resident or not, you need to follow rules and regulations. National Driving license is compulsory to drive any vehicle in any country. If you are driving without a license you can probably go to jail. These strict rules are present in every developed and underdeveloped country. In this Indian government tenure, alot of steps are taken on improving the traffic system. That’s why Driving license is compulsory for both Indian residents and non-residents. Many foreign visitors have a question that how to get a driving license in India.

Apply For International Driving License In India:

Well, the procedure to get a driving license in India is so easy. But the condition is you must have legal documents and clearance. You need to fulfill all legal formalities and after that, you have to give a driving test. If all things are completed and you passed the test, you will surely get the Indian driving license within no time. Follow the below procedures, pick one method which suits you.

Apply For International Driving License In India


Procedure 1: RTO (Regional Transport Office)

The most common traffic department in all over the world. RTO office is present probably in every major and minor state. RTO is an Indian government authorized organization. It helps you to issue a driving license, find vehicle records, etc.

Required Documents to apply for a license:

  • Foreign people must have the driving license of their own country.
  • Identity proof: must be legal and acceptable like Adhaar card, electricity bill etc.
  • Genuine passport with valid expiration date written on it.
  • 3 to 4 passport size photos of the applicant.
  • The minimum age is 18 years, an underage applicant will not be entertained.
  • 500 INR as an application fee.
  • A medical certificate is compulsory to ensure that you are clear from all diseases.

Apply Online:

Visit, it is the International Traffic Control Association official website.

Click on Apply Now button available at the top.

Fill the details like;

  • Processing Urgency,
  • Validity Period,
  • Class,
  • Your National Driving License Number,
  • National Driving License Expiry date.

First read all the things and ensure that you have entered all the information correctly. After that click on the Apply Now button. You will get a call or text for a test soon hopefully. Pass the test and you will get your driving license in very less time

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