Android Apps That Need Location Permissions

No smartphone user like to compromise the security & privacy of his device. But if he does want to install third-party apps on Android, then he should be aware which app needs what sort of permissions. Because there are tons of scam apps that hack into a user’s private data with the help of his device’s location. So to ensure your privacy after installing a third-party, use my guide on Android Apps That Need Location Permissions. This article will help you to only allow secure apps to get locational rights.

Android Apps That Need Location Permissions

List of Android Apps That Need Location Permissions

Not every app is a scam, but how can be sure that it’s not. To be honest, it’s not possible to talk about every individual Android app permissions. So I’m going to help you understand the idea of Android Apps That Need Location Permissions via genre. So, you can know what sort of apps are safe and which applications are only developed to destroy the privacy of a user.

1) Social Apps: Millions of users use Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on their smartphones. Such apps do want to access your locational data when you are trying to update your status. Becasue without the locational rights, the apps will not be able to let others know about your present activity.

2) Games: Specifically the Pokemon Go and Harry Potter Wizard Unite require location permissions. For now, only the AR (Augmented Reality) games can be allowed to use such rights. Else, if you installed a new game that wants your GPS credentials, you just need to uninstall it before its too late.

3) Shopping Apps: You can also allow apps like Amazon, Flipkart & Wish to access your location. Because these are global shopping apps and they provide you with the products & prices according to your region. If you disable such an app’s location rights, then you may end up paying a huge shipping price.

4) Weather Apps: Weather Forecasting apps are made for the benefit of Android users. They help you to view the weather in your surroundings. So if such apps want you to allow them Locational privileges, don’t hesitate to let them get what’s necessary for them to work.

5) Camera Apps: You may want to argue about camera apps accessing your device’s location. But let me tell you that it’s for your benefit. Because this will allow you to save the metadata according to your location and this way, no one else is allowed to copy your image. It’s for your own safety.

6) Navigation Apps: You can never neglect the navigation apps from locational rights. Apps like Google Maps, Waze and some other apps can’t work without such privileges. So if you switch off such facilities from these apps, then you’ll never be allowed to use them as well.

How Do I Disable Location Permissions for Android Apps?

There’s a bulk-in way of disabling location permissions for Android apps. But such a method will disable the facility for all the apps. So its better if you disable this facility of Android apps individually. Follow the steps below to know how it’s done:

  • Open the Settings app on Android.
  • Inside the Settings app, navigate to Apps & Notifications.
  • Here tap on the app of which you want to disable the location permission.
  • Under “App Setting”, tap once on “Permissions” and turn off the location toggle.

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