How to Access Your Facebook Data

Many of you do not know how to access their Facebook data. In that case, we provide you the instructions by which you can access your Facebook data comfortably. Facebook is a social app where you can meet new people and talk to them. It is a platform where you share your photos and updates, engage with friends and stay connected to communities important to you.

In this modern era, many social apps have a lot of information about us and our data, Facebook is one of them. So many of you want to know what sort of information Facebook knows about you and how you can check that? We provide you the instructions by which you can check that what info of your’s Facebook can see.

Instructions to Check the Info

First of all, you need to log in to your Facebook account.

Then click on the drop-down arrow in the top right corner

Now click on the Settings option.Access Your Facebook Data

After that click on the Your Facebook Information option that is available at the top left corner. You will see different options that Facebook knows about you.Access Your Facebook Data

You will see the option Access Your Information option, click on it. From there you can see and download all of the data that Facebook has. Also, you can deactivate and delete your account temporarily and permanently.Access Your Facebook Data

If you want to see more about your data then click on the Managing Your Information option.Access Your Facebook Data

After click on the Managing Your Information option, you will see the Help Centre. From there you guys can manage settings about your data.Access Your Facebook Data

Many of you want to find out a post that they liked and could not find that post in your feed, then use the Activity Log option. over there you will see the list of your comments, reacts, and more by date. Over there you will see all of your account history and you guys can easily find out any videos or past that you are searching for.Access Your Facebook Data

If you click on the download Your Information option, from there you can download any of your information that is available on Facebook. Select the options such as posts, likes, comments, events and more you want to download. Then go to the top and set the date range, the format you want to convert your data and media quality.Access Your Facebook Data

After you set the information you want to download, click on the create file option available at the top right corner and create a copy of your information. After that, you guys are able to download this copy for a few days. Then it expires and you have to create the new copy of your data you want to download.

We hope that these instructions will help you with how to access your Facebook data. If you want to contact us then leave a comment in the comment section given below.

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